These are only the technical steps we use to re-purpose computers. (In some opinions, the easiest part of the project!)  If you’re interested in starting your own project in your community, please contact us!

Software Setup:

Xubuntu 12.04 (or most recent LTS).
All four Edubutnu software packs installed from the software center.

Some fun extra programs installed:

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Celestia – 3D real-time galaxy simulator
Xaos – Fractal Zoomer
LibreOffice (replace Abiword amp; Gnumeric)


Username: user  Password: password
Auto Login at Startup
Enable DVD (Make sure libdvdread4 is installed through package manager)


We setup the software on an 8GB flash drive. (1GB for Swap Partition, the rest for Ubuntu)
Everything installed is only about 5 gigs!

Then a backup of the entire drive is made. (This includes all the special info that lets the drive boot.)
Now we have our image!

The image can now be restored onto the hard drive of any computer.
Since Ubuntu uses primarily generic drivers, the image will run the same on almost any age computer, no matter what hardware is inside.  We’ve used Pentium 3-era hardware before and Xubuntu runs smoothly.